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Happy Halloween 2018


I would like to wish everybody a Safe and Happy Halloween....

Lets have a little fun of our own.


I have a thousand wheels yet I cannot move, 

Call what you will,... Call me alot...

What Am I...??



I am nowhere

Yet I am everywhere

But I am not where something is......

What Am I....??





Answer 1) Parking Lot

Answer 2) Air

Southern Highlands - 3 Bedroom Home..Great for Entertaining...



11163 Gallery Echo St In Las Vegas at The Southern Highlands

Just fifteen minutes away from the strip, with easy access to interstate 15 and close enough to be convenient to the McCarran International and the Henderson Executive Airports,... lies the exclusive master planned community of The Southern Highlands.


Located in the southwest portion of the Las Vegas Valley, The Civano Village is part of this association. Building began in 2004 and it is located in the 89141 area code.There are an approximate 134 homes in this community and the home sizes range between 1609 and 3201 square feet.

They have from between 3 - 5 bedrooms and 2 -3 car garages. Some of them have an added 3rd story and are intermittently positioned throughout the area. 


Vaulted ceilings and plenty of natural light make this 3 Bedroom Home inviting and comfortable on any give day. The property has been kept in exceptional condition and is ready to move in.

The Entrance, Family, Dining and Kitchen area flow together with a lovely wood laminate flooring and the rooms are complimented with crown molding.


A duel staircase provides convenience to both the kitchen and laundry area as well as the front entrance


This spacious loft can make a great additional living room, office or play area.....


All of the upstairs spaces have ceiling fans installed for balanced heating and air circulation.


Mature landscaping, a plush lawn and oversized patio area is just right whether you are entertaining or relaxing quietly.



This home is as peaceful as you wish to make it but you will never be at a loss for things to do or too far away from it. 

The scenic locality surrounds the Southern Highlands Golf Club which was ranked 6th in Nevada on Golf Digest's 2013-14 Best in State list. 

There is plenty of outdoor activities to explore including trails, parks, dog parks and exciting community events.      

The area boasts exceptional Private and Public Schools as well as Luxury Spa Services and High End Shopping and Dining. The lifestyle is optimal for families, couples and professionals alike. 

Your new home is waiting at The Southern Highlands....!!!! 

NOTE: This home is conducive to most loan products including FHA (Only 3.5% Down Payment),.. VA(Zero Down Payment) and the Standard Conventional Loans.  If you are credit worthy and a little short for your down payment,..feel free to contact me about the "Home Is Possible Non Repayable Grant"...!!  4 % Towards Your Down Payment.... Or contact my Preferred Lender - Nancy Buchanan at Corridor Mortgage.

Las Vegas Realtor - Hank Lauzon


Summerlin Las Vegas - Eagle Rock Home For Sale




Welcome to the 24 hour Guard Gated Community of Eagle Rock in The Canyons of Summerlin Las Vegas. These beautiful tree lined streeets maintain a total of 145 homes ranging from 2775 to 5147 Sq ft.


You can access the convenience of the Summerlin Parkway within one mile of this home. Expand the radius to a distance of two miles and you can shop at the Village Center, stop by the Rampart Casino or if need be,.. get to the Summerlin Hospital within minutes.

This semi custom home was formerly an orginal deveoper model and is located on the 8th hole of the TPC Canyon Golf Course.   There is plenty of room for all your needs. A Large Master Bedroom with a retreat, ...a fireplace,.. a balcony and a great view of the Red Rock Canyon Mountain Range and TPC Golf Course will make an excellent area to relax in the mornings or evenings.


Do you need an area where you can break away for your business or hobbies without disractions ? This separate structure at the home entrance will work perfectly. With and additional 230 sq ft of space. It has been designed to specifically accomodate an office or workshop.


With no worries about pool maintenance you can still stay cool from the hot summer sun. The backyard is protected by shade trees and boasts a patio with an outdoor fireplace. Entrances lead to both the family room and the kitchen,... it is just right for entertaining guests.


This tasteful and refined home is only about a 20 minute drive to the strip. If you prefer to shop and dine locally, Then Boca Park and Tivoli Village are even closer. For the outdoor adventurist, Red Rock Canyon is also a short distance drive. Golfing Enthusiast ? Eagle Rock is scenically built into the TPC Golf Course. 

When you are done with your days adventures,...come back home and enjoy your Luxury Eagle Rock Neighborhood for a private and comfortable environment that is sure to bring you peace of mind and many years of contentment.

Las Vegas Realtor - Hank Lauzon


A Christmas Season Contemplation

When I was younger,,( much younger ),.. we use to wait a whole year for our favorite holiday shows to come on. Nobody had heard of DVD's VCR's or "On Demand". 
Twelve months you had to wait,.. and if you missed it,... you would not be able to see it again until next year.
Even though it was a long wait, when it finally arrived, it was a special moment...commercials and all.
One of my favorites was the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. I loved to see snoopy dancing around and all the peanuts characters. But every year I was confused.
Charlie Brown seemed so discouraged by the Christmas season. Something that he called commercialism.
For many years as a child I didn't understand what that was but I still enjoyed the show.
Now,.. Several years later,... I know what commercialism is and my memories shift right back to Good Ol' Charlie Brown.
He had a right to be discouraged.
Somewhere in the corporate takeover of Christmas and all of the other holidays,.. the meanings are lost.
I have taken to grumbling everytime I see Christmas Items being pushed on consumers prior to Halloween. 
I do get discouraged that people who have nothing to say to me all year find it in their heart to shake my hand on Christmas to wish me well.
The corporate pressure that obligates the public to buy presents for somebody on a particular day doesn't sit right with me.
When somebody I care about wants or needs something,.. I get it for them if I can. I don't care what day it is... Merry Christmas..!!
What greedy CEO Invented "Black Friday"....?
What madness has us spending Thanksgiving day celebrating what we have and why we are thankful for it ....and then ...on the same day and into the next,....we run to the mall and pop up tents waiting for the doors to open so that we can get that Big Deal.
We act like sheep and mad cows to get the new dvd player or smart phone at a discount. Clawing and kicking our way in before they run out of stock...
My last two children are getting older now... 12 and 14 and they have some great Christmas Memories from the past.
I have shared my thoughts with them because I want them to understand that there is more to the Christmas Season then gifts..gifts..gifts....
My daughter Hayley,.. several days ago... made me realize why I really love the Christmas Season and why I shouldn't let it go.
She said to me   "Daddy,... I don't care about the gifts. What I care about is putting up the tree with you and listening to the Christmas songs."  I like the hot chocolate and the Christmas Shows.
"I love to look at the lights Dad and I love the whole spirit of Christmas and the way it makes me feel"
Well..... I had to stop and think about that one.....
Christmas is the Birth Of Christ... 
Hanukkah...The eight day Holiday Commemorating the Jerusalem Holy Temple
Kwanza....A Week Long Celebration of African Heritage..
All of them work in conjunction at the same time of year and intentionally or not, they promote a common feeling of Peace on Earth and Good Will To All.....
That,.. to me... is what it is all about.
The love that we all need to have for one another seems to be a little more obvious every year as the season draws nearer.
From November to the New Year,.. You can sense the change in the air to something special from the people around you.
Smiles from strangers...wishes of good will from people I've never met. Those little things make up the Christmas season.
I have found that if I actually look for it ...,.. it is there.
I guess to a certain extent,.. it is a matter of observation and reaction.
After some contemplation,...I poured a little wine and then listened to one of my favorite Christmas Songs from Sandler and Young.
I use to have this album when I was a kid and would like to own it again someday..
The song is  "I Sing Noel"... It really makes you appreciate what you already have...
We did put up our tree up together...
I put my Charlie Brown tree up in my office...
We went to See the Christmas Lights...
Tomorrow we will cook up a ham and exchange a few small items to signify our love to one another.
I still don't believe in the corporate takeover of holidays,. but I guess,..deep down.. I still believe in us,.. In People,.. In Love for our brother and sisters...
Just do me a favor....
Don't wait until Christmas to say Hi... I'm glad to know you any day of the week....
From Myself and My Family To You and Yours....
Merry Christmas,..Happy Hanukkah and anything else that you celebrate in December..
In the words of Charlie Brown,..
I won't Let All This Commercialism Ruin My Christmas...

Home Buyer Tips... Is This A Safe Neighborhood...??





Well,... For starters.... If your Realtor won't leave the vehicle, that is probably a pretty good indicator that you might not be in a safe neighborhood. However,..if you ask your Realtor for a direct answer you may not get it.

In order to maintain a Realtor's License, we are bound to a "Code of Ethics" as well as the "Fair Housing Laws"  We cannot steer people into or away from any particular areas. What we are allowed to do is to provide tools and tips that will help you to ascertain if the community that you are interested in is right for you.

As a Las Vegas Realtor,... I always direct my clients to the crime mapping page  on my Website. It is address specific and you can set both the time frame and the distance from the property. Once completed, you can punch up a final detailed report of all incidents within the area. This site is good througout the U.S.A. and you can access it by clicking here on Crime Mapping. 

This is just the beginning of many things you should do. Take a good look at the neighborhood. You may be very interested with the home that you are looking at but what do the neighbors properties look like? Are they well kept ? Do they take pride in their homes or are there vacant buildings with  broken windows ? Are the lawns cut ? Are there cars on blocks in the driveways?.....Are the street lights working.?....Is there graffitti or vacant lots? These could all be indicators of the type of area your are considering. 

Don't be shy,... knock on a couple of doors and ask a few questions from the local residents. See what they say about the area. You can obtain alot of information by talking to a few occupants of the homes surrounding the one you like. Another great way to see if this is where you want to call home is to drive though on nights and weekends. Try different days and hours that are not Mon thru Friday from 9 - 5. You will see who is out and about and what they are up to. This might seem like alot of work but you are not just purchasing the structure. You are also purchasing a lifestyle and you should have a pretty good idea of who you are going to be surrounded by.


Las Vegas Realtor - Hank Lauzon




Tips For Homesellers and Homebuyers - Beware Zillow and Trulia Estimates…!!


                                                             "A True Story"

I received an email from a potential client.     As a Las Vegas Realtor, I get excited when I see a new inquiry in my email box. That means business for me and an opportunity to help somebody. The email was sent from a nice couple in Chicago who wanted more information on a home that they had seen on Zillow. When I looked up the property information from the MLS service that I subscribe to,..The residence had already been sold 18 months prior to them contacting me. They were very disappointed, but I was able to find them another home that they were happy to get into.

Another Zillow story comes to mind about a listing that I have at Angel Park in Summerlin. It is priced at $319,900 which is within market value parameters. A buyer’s agent called me and asked to make and appointment for a showing. A lady from Arizona was going to drive to Las Vegas to look at only this one property.  For the Homeowner and the Realtor, that is usually good news for a potential sale.  When she arrived in Las Vegas and toured the home,.. she found that she really liked it but was adamant about not paying over $180,000 for it because this is the price that Zillow had valued the property at. This one piece of misinformation not only killed the deal but it also wasted the time, expense and energy to the buyer who drove all that way to view the home as well as all other parties involved.

These Zillow and Trulia "aggregate sites" access a summation of information from the various public sources that are available. The also duplicate partial multiple listing service records only to improperly regurgitate them back to the public. Although their property information is not accurate, there are many Question and Answer pages as well as blogs from Realtors (such as this one) that will be informative to people who are interested in real estate.

If you are looking to Sell a Las Vegas Home, be sure to get your information from a reputable Las Vegas Realtor. A good Realtor will devote quite a bit of time and research to come up with a valuation for your property. We do not pull this number out of a hat….! An exhaustive search of recently sold homes combined with what is available for sale and what has gone under contract in the subdivision needs to be taken into consideration. If there is nothing to compare it too,  then we have to expand further into the surrounding area to find what we are looking for. Upgrades and amenities also need to be considered and added into the formula as an adjustment.

If you are in the market to Buy a Las Vegas Home,… Your Realtor can save you countless hours of research by setting you up a custom home search from the MLS that will send only the homes that are available and meet your criteria direct to your email box. Your Realtor may also have a website that will allow you to set up your own search engine an alerts to be used and modified at your leisure.                                    

For Accurate Real Time Information,…. Call A Realtor

Las Vegas Realtor – Hank Lauzon


Summerlin in Las Vegas - Where Is It...?


You hear alot of people talk about the Master Planned Community of Summerlin. They will discuss the beauty of the area, the quality of Summerlin Homes, the golfing, shopping, dining and many other ameneties. 

However,....If you ask somebody where Summerlin is in Las Vegas, not many people can give you an exact answer.

The reason is,... They are not sure of where it starts an ends.....

You will hear them say things like,....its on the west side by Peccole Ranch or just south of Sun City.

The actual north boundry is on Cheyanne Ave ....North Of Sun City. It then turns south on 95 ....East of Desert Shores.

It then runs on a Northwestern angle Stopping at Hualapai Way. From there,..it runs South To Charleston Blvd and then West again to the 215. It follows 215 right back up to Cheyenne Ave.

Desert Shores (A lakeside community) and Sun City Summerlin (An Age Restricted Community) are actually part of Summerlin.

Peccole Ranch is just to the south on the other side of Charleston Ave and so are The Lakes.

So next time somebody asks where Summerlin Is........Now You Know........and since I just looked it up....I Do To...!!!

Posted by Las Vegas Realtor - Hank Lauzon


Boulder City - The Little Town South of Las Vegas

Clean, Green Boulder City is how this town promotes itself.

About 20 minutes south of The Anthem Community in Henderson. This quaint historic little town is en route to Nevada State’s number one tourist attraction Hoover Dam. 

Unlike many communities in Las Vegas, Boulder City is controlled by a slow-growth ordinance and therefore remains a small community.

However,…it is located between the lights and action of Las Vegas to the North and the Lake Mead Recreation area to the east. This makes Boulder City a prime location to take break from both activities and relax in a quiet, family friendly environment. 

According to the Chamber of Commerce,..there is no gaming, low crime rates,  quality police and fire protection and a wonderful retirement sector. The friendly residents seem to lead a slower paced lifestyle. I experienced this recently when I held an open house. The people waved to me and struck up friendly conversations.

Boulder City also host larger events like their Art in the Park and Spring Jamboree. Bootleg Canyon features mountain biking and zip lines. This town seems to be well rounded to suit anyones needs.

It is definitely worth the drive....!

Posted by Las Vegas Realtor - Hank Lauzon


Tips For Homebuyers – Qualifying For Your Loan – Big Banks…!


How much house can you afford to buy? This is the first question that needs to be asked when you are considering your new home purchase.

Getting qualified is the first necessary step to getting started.

Your first instinct may be to go speak with the loan officer at the big bank where you keep your checking/savings account. Keep in mind that you are not obligated to use them. It is your right as a homebuyer to choose which lender you want to work with. It is also your right to choose which Home Warranty Company , Insurance Company and Home Inspector that you are comfortable with.

Your banking institution will definitely be happy to help you, but this is not always the best option when it comes to getting a home loan.  Your loan officer is married to the guidelines of that one bank and their flexibility to help you is limited.  It has been my experience as a Las Vegas Realtor that the bigger institutions have a less efficient line of communication between their loan officers, the underwriters and their clients (you).

At this point you may be wondering what other options are available to you….Mortgage brokers are a good place to start. They will have more financing selections for you to choose from.  

Also, your Realtor will have preferred lenders that they have established working relationships with that they can recommend to you. If an agent is putting their name on a lender, then it’s a pretty sure bet that they have successfully closed transactions on time and they are dealing with someone who can handle the always present hiccups that transpire in all real estate transactions.

                                          BOTTOM LINE……. Shop around for a good lender,………!

Posted by Las Vegas Realtor – Hank Lauzon


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