You have finally saved up for a down payment.

You think you have great credit and your are ready to start shopping for your new home..

Unfortunately,…when you get to the lenders office,… the loan officer has a different story for you.

What Happened…?

As a Las Vegas Realtor,.. I’ve seen this more then once.

Did you co-sign on a friend or family members loan ?... Did they default months ago and not tell you about it..? Do you monitor your credit reports every 30 days with a reputable service to help dissuade identity theft.

If you are considering purchasing a home in the near future,… be sure to safeguard your information and stay on top of all credit related items.

Likewise,.. once you are under contract for your New Las Vegas Home, Do not make any purchases that will kill the deal at the last minute.  This includes ordering new furniture on credit or tapping into your savings account to pay for it in cash. "Do Not Buy a Car... Do Not Change Jobs Until after the Deal Closes"...!!!

It is much easier to deter a potential disaster then it is to deal with it after it has happened..


Las Vegas Realtor – Hank Lauzon